Live sessions following practices mentioned in Bhrigu Samhita to improve immunity, globally

PRAYAGRAJ: Varanasi-based meditation Guru has decided to share the ancient vedic knowledge from his family hair loom—the ancient and only copy of Bhrigu Samhita mentioning Yoga Bhrahma Chinta Pranaali—through social media with followers around the globe in two separate live sessions on Friday and Saturday.

These sessions will help people learn the skills of how to boost their immunity at a time when the globe is facing covid-19 pandemic. Participants from countries like Italy, Israel, Spain, Russia, Australia apart from countrymen from several cities will be joining the live sessions, scheduled for April 17 (Friday) 5:30 – 6:30 pm and again on April 18 (Saturday) 7:30 – 8:30am, informs Jayant Bhaduri, the guru, whose family possess over 40,000 ancient manuscripts including the only original copy of Bhrigu Samhita which contains texts on Yoga and meditation too.

“Me and my younger brother, Hemant, are trying to disseminate the information about our sessions across the world through thousands of our disciples in several countries as meditation combined with set of mantra mentioned in the religious text (Bhrigu Samhita) and yogic asaan can do wonders in terms of improving the immunity of the individual and energising the conciseness”, said Jayent Bhaduri.

His twin brother, Hemant, is a renowned astrologer of Varanasi and it was the joint efforts of the family following which over 40,000 ancient manuscripts, some of which are extremely rare, are being conserved by the National Mission of Manuscripts, New Delhi, a body under Ministry of Culture of the government.

Throwing light on the proposed event, the duo explained to TOI that the timing of the two separate sessions have been set after many astrological calculations and is being done to energise the Seven chakras (energy points) of the human body.

“We will be starting the session with dhyanam (meditation), following which number of things following a set by step chronology including recitation of vedic mantra, practicing three very important ancient yogic asanas which will improve the capacity of lungs etc”, said Hemant.

“The global live sessions will also include information about some herbs, as mentioned in the text of Bhrigu Samhita, which are being traditionally used in almost every Indian household and are known to improve immunity”, said Jayent. We will be carrying these sessions through zoom and will share the link and password on Friday morning our facebook page, he added.

“In the present situation wherein people across the world are facing problems because of lockdown and are worried of the pandemic, we believe that these sessions would help them by not only improving the immunity but also improving mental health and relieving the stress”, said the younger Bhaduri.

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